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Xcelerator helmet is designed to meet the safety needs of a cross country athlete. There are many risks associated with warm weather training on roller skis. When practicing on roller skiing you act in a non-hospitable environment, surrounded by cars, buses, bikes and a very hard surface of tarmac and concrete. The material and shape of the helmet allows for some flexibility, which means the helmet sits comfortably around the head. It’s also possible to use glasses combined with the helmet. Space slots shaped on each side on the helmet allows the glasses to sit well on the head, as well as to fit on the helmet when not in use. The helmet is also designed to work well with a biathlon rifle.


For optimal use in darker surroundings, the Xcelerator helmet is equipped with lights in both the front and the rear. The front lights light up the road, and the rear lights operate as a signal to other road users. The lights are dynamic and pulsates simultaneously with the speed of the athletes.